Tuesday 20 November 2012

Brain to brain communication - paradigm shift

I think the next paradigm shift will come from digitalising brain waves allowing for brain to brain and brain to computer communication.
Michio Kaku argues brain-to-brain communication would involve not just the exchange of information, but also the transmission of emotions and feelings, “because these are also part of the fabric of our thoughts.”

One thing I have been thinking about is when this occurs, what happens to the conscious mind, the individual construct? As most thoughts are subconscious, could a group-think cloud tap into these subconscious thought processes and leave the individual out of the loop? Your sub-conscious could commit brain resources to a hive mind leaving your conscious floating on the surface of some great new culture.

Google, the Internet, and Artificial IntelligenceThere are strong indications that the subconscious mind, those thought-processes that by their very definition we are unaware of, are actually responsible for many, if not most, of our intellectual capabilities. Our subconscious mind might even be making most of our decisions.

Depending on the physical limits on the unity of consciousness, such an internet hive mind could become a sentient super-intelligence feeding off our subconscious brain resources. We would become a conscious mind within a greater mind.

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