Thursday 15 May 2014

German media rift with USA over Ukraine, Russia

What's with the mainstream German press presenting a different opinion on the Ukraine to the US? Are they worried about getting their gas taps turned off, or is it more that they realise Russo-German trade and technology transfers will do more for Germany in the long term than it's military alliance with the US?

German Official Says It Was Wrong to Make Ukraine Pick Between EU and Russia

Sure, there are all sorts of 'questionable' things going on that the US may or may not be linked to, such as having US blackwater mercenaries being transported to fight Russian 'separatists' in UN helicopters:

Oh, and the fact that Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter has just joined the board of directors of Ukraine's largest gas company

But this is just standard power elite practices that have always existed... what I'm interested in is German's rationale. Grown a conscience? Unlikely.

Russian gas in exchange for German manufactured goods along with German foreign investment and technology transfers to Russia is far too valuable to both countries to allow them to sign up to the US lead sanctions programme. The press releases above will be aimed at keeping the German public anti-sanctions by pointing out the mirky American influence:

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