Sunday 5 December 2010

Lucid Dreaming: reality construction defects encountered

A bunch of reality defects I found while testing my dream reality construct during a Lucid dream a while back. The most interesting discovery was that your instincts don't know dreams aren't real, such as in a car accident, your subconscious will brace for impact and pump adrenalin even while your conscious knows it is just a dream.

I will begin half way through the dream - I am leaving a house with an unknown stranger which turns out to be my grandparents house in wattle downs (a recurring dream location). The stranger beckons me to hop into a red FWD that my parents used to own. He hops in the drivers door.... I think something about the change in the dream to fear/fight flight triggered me to realise it was a dream and gain lucidity now things start getting interesting:

I decide in a semi-lucid state I can't be bothered with a car chase run away dream... perhaps memory association triggered from remembering a similar state? I will the red fwd in the air, the car goes flying in the air, I will it to explode and it explodes in the sky (a trick I learned long ago in a previous dream). I turn around and stare back at my grandparents house and then look back to the road.. THE 4WD HAS REAPPEARED in exactly the same place it was in before! But I just destroyed it! Some how my dream reality creation processes is getting out of synch with my conscious over arching process.

Next I decide to hop in the car and just will it to start driving. I turn left and start driving down the road. I decide to perform a new test and this was incredibly interesting in terms of what it reveals about how your consciousness is made up of different brain 'processes':
  1. I see a car coming down the road towards me on the correct side of the road (my right)
  2. I decide to collide with the car head on at full speed, turning into a direct collision course with it.
  3. First thing I notice the car doesn't swerve and the driver doesn't even blink - i am expecting the car to swerve (by I i mean some kind of predict process in my conscious)
  4. When I am about to hit the car, I think my reptilian brain is scared and braces for impact, I feel fear, the instinct of an impending crash, my heart starts racing (adrenalin has been pumped into my blood)  
  5. The car passes right through my car - almost like passing through a magic wall. My heart is pumping out of control - like if something had scared you I am almost worried about losing lucidity given how fast it is pumping.
  6. I drive through a second car - this time there is less fear shown, my heart doesn't boost all of a sudden - maybe the reptilian is realising it can't be hurt?
Based off this chain of events I can highlight at least three different processes at work around the time of impact:
  • The primordial 'reptilian' mind got scared and didn't realise what it was seeing wasn't real.
  • One process was expecting the car to swerve out of my way. It didn't.
  • The process governing my dream obviously doesn't do much AI, it expects me to react to external objects and not vice versa - a limitation of the dream world.
After a bit I hop out of the 4wd and try to do another test - look at how detailed my dream environment is - I walk up to a brown tree and move closer to it to see the detail - it seems just as details as a normal tree.. as I move my head in however my cheek catches a branch - intense in the sense it is showing that the dream process can recreate distinct sensory feelings - however i was sure there was not branch in my way when i had moved my head in, meaning the dream process 'fudges' the details a bit.

After staring at the tree for a bit i begin to lose the dream - pretty normal if you stare at a single spot in dream-world for too long. dream ends

In a later dream I gain lucidity in fight or flight moment - attacked by a guy, realise its a dream toy with him - he gets a knife and I am tempted to let him stab me with it to see what happens but my inner reptile just can't quite allow that to happen - instinctively wanting to prevent that.

In a later dream i am explaining to my flatmates about the lucid dreams I had been having - a false awakening.... oh the irony. I am beginning to think that dream character conversations are simply different thought patterns bouncing ideas around. the receiver is the conscious process but the dialogue emerges from subconscious processes. 

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