Wednesday, 7 November 2018

I'm putting a talk together on consciousness & individuality : what these concepts are and how technology will impact them

what i plan to cover

observer vs reality simulation

explain brain architecture a bit

predictive modelling - dan dennet
model dependent realism

what is your reality simulation doing? for the most part simulating your individual construct, your unified experience.
when we say it simulates reality - what is it doing? predictive modelling, you feel the change in your environment

reality construction
- abstract layer - ideas, ideologies - memes, transumanism memetic organism trying to propagate with varients
- social layer
- physical layer - see touch, smell etc.

universe is a big a complex place, so model dependent realism (stephen awkings book)

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We are not who we think we are. We are not who others think we are. We are who we think others think we are. 

“Rochat models human cognition as fundamentally social in nature. Each person learns to be aware of himself – is constrained toward self-consciousness – by other people being aware of him. He learns to manage his image in the minds of others, and finds himself reflected, as in a mirror, through the interface of language and non-verbal communication.

The self is not unitary and separate from others; “peopling” occurs in the context of mutual-mental-modeling relationships, which continue to affect each person when he is alone.

Each person’s self is spread out among many people, simulated in all their brains at varying levels of granularity. And each person has a different “self” for each one of the people he knows, and a different self for every social context. A teenager has a very different way of behaving, speaking and thinking around his friends from the way he behaves, speaks, and thinks around his grandparents. The self at work is different from the self at home with close friends, or in bed with a spouse. And none of these are the “true self” – rather, the self exists in all these, and in the transitions between them. There can never be one single, public self;

Mentally maintaining one’s identity in relation to others, including one’s accurate social status and relationships in each case, is the core task of being human. 

allegory - simple model for understanding the universe

lucid dream experiments

illusion of the individual?

concepts - memetic transfer

dan dennet consciousness

future, additional decisioning subroutines : augmented reality, google glass failure... BCI

how big cain the brain get - binding problem of consciousness

gradients of bliss, abolishment of negative thinking

will consciousness survive? memetic organisms, ideology
memetic organisms, morman transhumanism

My thoughts, like the matrix - BCI connection, living in lucid dreams with external stimula

immediate concerns - enhancing the observer process
- reality model(s) - memetics. : All about the communication of an idea recipie PR / Marketing / Sales / These talks

my views on the singularity (singularity simply means the point
- can grow better brains but moral concerns preventing progress at present
- BCI simulus activity ingestion to observer process before major organic re-engineering
- will provide better information streams then provided by our senses
- we will live in REM sleep with a internet connection
- binding problem prevents society wide consciousness depending on the binding problem of consciousness? consciousness virtualisation - manage to virtualise the observer away from the wetware
- individual construct will begin breaking down, to an extent, i will see through someone elses eyes, feel through your leg, move your arm

telescopic evolution - to end on