Tuesday, 26 May 2020

China's very real fear of internal dissent & rebellion

Stuff in the news about how the Chinese stat's greatest fear is it's own people and internal dissent, and this the reason for HK crackdown, etc. I'm not defending China's actions but if you look at the history of China over the last 400 years, internal rebellion leading to political turmoil, invasion and humiliation are very real concerns:
Summary: There's only been four regimes (if you include the nationalists) in China in the last 400 years and each ended due to internal rebellion and each time China got attacked/invaded during the process.
Ming Dynasty -> Peasant Rebellion -> Manchu invasion -> Qing Dynasty
Qing Dynasy -> British opium wars -> multiple rebellions -> nationalists -> civil war -> japanese invasion (from Manchu) -> communist party (armed with weapons japanese gave up after surrendering)
1. Late Ming dynast peasant rebellions 1628–1644, helped end the Ming Dynasty and replace it with the Qing as part of Manchu invasion (leading to the Han being ruled by Manchu's for 300 years)
2. Rebellions in the Qing dynasty, leading to its eventual collapse not to mention the opium wars & 100 years of humiliation with unequal trade deals:
- Destabalisation begins with the first and second Opium wars with the British, which could be viewed as a "trade dispute". The Chinese only accepted payment for tea in silver (rejecting even offers of industrialisation, due to conservative confucianist manderins). However forcing a country to buy opium against it's will in order to maintain correct a balance of trade deficit would be considered morally hazardous by today's standards.
- Taiping rebellion 1850 – August 1864
- Boxer Rebellion 1899 - 1901
3. Communist revolition: After the Qing empire fell, a Chinese civil war 1927–1949, leading to victory by the communists, again arguably another kind of peasant rebellion. Interrupted by invading Japanese This gave us the Current chinese government
Another interesting point. Two attempts at invasion came from Manchuria, which is why when Macarthur reached the Yalu river during the Korean war, the Chinese drove UN forces right back.

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